Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Arundel Gallery Trail

'The Hungry Gulls' by Geoffrey Stinton 
Eye catching decoration at the artist Andy Waite's house
 Disappointment at the Rob Ryan venue. Apparently the house owner was called for jury service over the time of the trail.

I love walking the Arundel gallery trail each August.
This year there were 62 venues for artists and makers. It's interesting to see the huge variety of paintings and craft but the added appeal is to see the wonderful houses of Arundel.

For instance in one large house I saw the most beautiful kitchen painted palest grey with wood units painted that greyish greenish pale blue. Large table covered with the thickest white cloth and high backed dining chairs all with thick white linen covers.

I hoped to find some new makers for Handmade Happiness
There was some amazing white paper sculpture by Amy Fathers. (sorry no website) Picture a patch of grass including dandelions and clover all cut from layers of white paper in a white frame. And I liked Josse Davis ceramics.

The wire birds by Geoffrey Stinton (link below picture) were stunning especially considering Geoffrey's main work is making aeolian wind harps. I was sorry not to see Rob Ryans cut paper but thrilled to discover a sculptor whose work I'm hoping to have in the shop soon. 
I always visit Andy Waite's house first. Each room is painted in sympathy with his work. His work has become more abstract, larger. The colour is wonderful.
I enjoyed paintings by Frances Knight. If I had a gallery instead of a makers' shop I would  want to sell her pictures . And I love paintings by Gilly McCadden too.
More later...

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