Monday, 13 August 2012

Remembering...and rejoicing

This time last year I took this picture of a certain shop I hoped to rent.
 This time last year I took the last picture of clothes in Tricot Too I would ever take. It closed last August. Not my shop, I just worked there and made things for it, like the jewellery above.

Did you see the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics?
 The world feels a friendlier place after all that warmth and excitement as we willed the fastest, the strongest and the fittest on to greater feats of endurance. 

And what about Ray Davies of the Kinks and Roger Daltry of the Who? Still rocking with the best after all these years. Muse and Elbow were absolutely brilliant too. My favourite bit was the dustbin bashers in Stomp. In fact Stomp dancers are atheletes themselves aren't they?
What was your favourite bit?


lindsey said...

Unfortunately I fell asleep half way through due to a late night the night before! But I do agree the dustbin bashers, (I'not sure they would like that term)were amazing. In fact what I did see I thoroughly enjoyed.
Got some new makes on the go. Not sure if they will be your cup of tea, but will send you some pics anyway, when they are finished.

jenny said...

Looking forward to seeing them Lindsey.