Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Lake

The best view in Petersfield is surely this one across the lake at the heath. It takes 20 minutes or less to walk round the lake and I once decided I'd do that as a daily walk. There are around 20 swans on the lake at present and Canada geese, mallards and coots plus an assortment of visiting ducks.

I don't know much about wildlife but one of my shop visitors does. She looks after all the creatures in and around the lake. Feeding the ducks, keeping an eye on numbers. She is not averse to wading in to rescue a swan in distress. She once pulled a plastic bag from the throat of one of these birds when it was in difficulty and regularly untangles ducks that get themselves caught up. One of Petersfield's unsung heroes actually. But she'd probably hate it if I wrote her name. So I won't.

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! Many happy times at the heath! xxx Sophie