Thursday, 19 July 2012

Re-cycled bracelet

You know those big rolls of parcel tape? I was absent mindedly trying on an empty cardboard roll as a bracelet when I wondered if it would look good covered in crocheted.
The result is a winter bracelet good enough to sell in the shop or give to a friend.
I wonder how many other things we normally put in the re-cycling bin can be given new life using our craft skills?

And if we think of enough things, would there be any interest in a workshop called 'Making Christmas presents out of the things we'd normally throw away?' Might have to work on a snappier title!

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Lindsey Agostinelli said...

Reinventing (I hate the word recycling)is what my handpainted items are about. As you know I have been doing that for years.
Also doing it with certain bears.