Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Come to Brighton

Curiouser and curiouser... above a shop called Alice Dreams.
UK makers work in Appendage in Kensington Gardens. 

Pictured below is a famous piece of wall art by Banksy. 
This is near the station and protected by glass.
On the same wall as Banksy's policemen is this impressive tribute to Michael Jackson. 
Looking up ... then looking down... this mosaic is outside an opticians.
I hopped on a train and went to Brighton yesterday. Much the best thing to do when it's pouring with rain. Have umbrella, will travel!
Walking under the bridge below the station you come upon some amazing graffitti. A portrait of John Peel, which my camera didn't do justice to and the wall art pictured above.

I spent ages in Brighton Bead shop in Sydney Street. I bought reels of cotton cord for necklaces and bracelets and wholesale quantities of crimps (to hold the ends of ribbon/suedette/lace etc) and plain beads to paint.

In Kensington Gardens there is a good fabric shop called Ditto where I got a remnant of strawberry photo plastic fabric for the shop; also Sandpiper books where I found an American knitting book I've wanted for a while for just £4.99; then a long look at what Appendage, a showcase of UK makers work, is currently stocking. (Lots of Margo Selby's wonderful woven scarves and bags for example.)

Part of the fun in visiting Brighton is people watching. Harder to do this in the rain admittedly but Brighton has always attracted individuals who express themselves through their appearance. Everyone feels at home in Brighton because it's so cosmopolitan and relaxed. I always come home feeling re-energised and inspired.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Brighton for years. Think I will have to take Owain there - stay in a boutique hotel maybe! xxx Sophie