Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sandra Izard, artist

As promised I'm showing you paintings by Sandra Izard that she brought in to Handmade Happiness on Thursday.
 These aren't the originals, these are giclee prints (pronounced jee-clay). They look just right displayed in the shop and are not too expensive.
I so admire Sandra's work.  She paints her garden and her chickens and the landscape around her home. And she's exceptionally good!
Handmade Happiness sells Sandra's framed and unframed art and greetings cards. 

Am I alone in getting a bit bored with all this rain? Yesterday in Petersfield in rained for most of the day and evening. Last night I suddenly heard the slow drip of a leak where the water had found a way in. There's only so much water an old house can take I guess... I'm reminded of that old nursery song...'Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. Incy wincy spider climbed the spout again...' Come back sun we need you!

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