Saturday, 16 June 2012

New teapots

Kate Hackett's ceramics including this vintage flowers design teapot and new bowls and mugs.
Here is Kate's strawberry teapot pictured with large size jug and (just visible) strawberry cake stand. All pictured in the Handmade Happiness shop in Petersfield yesterday.

Just time to finish off a few summer bracelets before heading for the shop. Saturday is usually my busiest day. Many makers visited yesterday. So good to talk with them.

Handmade Happiness seems to be getting known as a present shop. I notice that people come in and say,'I've got to get a present for my friend/sister/mother.'

 So yesterday when Yellow Pages asked me where I'd like to be listed I replied Gift Shops. Other organisations have listed me (wrongly) under art and craft supplies which leads to phone calls asking for all sorts of things I don't stock. Gifts suits the shop just fine.

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