Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fifties fabrics

One of my favourite things in Handmade Happiness right now is this collection of 1950s dress fabrics put together by Penny Baker.

 There are 10 pieces in a 'book' for £10. An ideal present for a patchworker or up-cycler.
 You could use a piece to decorate denim or add interest to a summer dress. Or in fabric collage a small cut out piece of any of the fabrics could be the centre of attention.

Pictured underneath the dress fabrics are two 'books' of vintage eiderdown fabric pieces. Penny saves the fabric from old pieces. She does not cut up anything that could be used or worn again.  Penny herself makes wonderful cushions from her old fabrics. I pictured two of them a few days ago and one of them sold on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Would the pieces of fabric be large enough for me to make a bear or two? love Lindsey