Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cabbages and Roses - what now?

Eccentric but nice detailing on a Cabbages and Roses jacket above.
Stylish dressing rooms at the Guildford High Street branch of Jigsaw.

For some years the Jigsaw chain of High Street fashion stores has carried the Cabbages and Roses brand. I always have a look as I love the detailing and look of the C & R clothes. But on this recent visit to Guildford I was told that Jigsaw does not stock C&R any more.  Instead Jigsaw has introduced a mens' section.
Only a couple of weeks ago I was disappointed to find the C & R Avery Road store being replaced by another Jigsaw with hardly any original stock left.
This must be a sign of the times. Shops closing down; companies scaling back. I'm sorry because C & R is so English and all its clothes are made in this country.  Maybe it grew too fast. Check out its style at 

Yesterday it was lovely to have my daughter in the shop. She has been a very good influence, giving me the confidence to stick to my original plan for the shop and not to compromise. Onwards and upwards!

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Anonymous said...

Bicester shopping outlet has suffered the same fate, loosing both Jigsaw and therefore Cabbages and Roses. Amazing designs, excellent quality. May be something else will happen in the future to make them more widely available. Website is good in the meantime though.