Thursday, 5 April 2012

Taking Flight

It's now nearly six months since Handmade Happiness the shop opened and time to think about what I've learned so far.
I've learned that a shop is not just for Christmas! The run up to Christmas is wonderful but the rest of the year is not like that and November and December should be a time to salt away the money for harder times ahead. 

January I've learned is when many shopkeepers go away on holiday. It is just not worth being open. February is a bit better and  in March there's Mothers Day and I've learned that many people buy their Mum presents for Mothers' Day. April is all about Easter and providing people with attractive alternatives to  chocolate eggs. And so the graph is climbing now. It's still early days but as usual I am optimistic for the future.

To anyone thinking about opening a shop of their own I would say - proceed with extreme caution! There are more bills than I had imagined. Opening a shop is definitely not a way to get rich quick!!
But it's fun and it's a learning curve. Many of the people who come into the shop are wonderful to talk with. Petersfield is a great place to be. I cannot understand why everyone isn't trying to move here!

New! Get Creative! Drop in sessions at Handmade Happiness on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons 3-5pm starting next Tuesday. More details tomorrow.

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