Wednesday, 25 April 2012

500 Felt Objects continued...

Marjolein Dallinga made 'Red Craters' pictured above.
My favourite piece in the book I think.
Christine Birkle made these 'belly bags'. 
Her clothes for Hut Up are pictured in yesterday's post.
I love these 'sofa slice' cushions by Lene Frantzen.
Photo by Thomas Gunge.

As you can see I'm so enjoying my new book 500 Felt Objects published last year by Lark Crafts in New York. Susan Brown has brought together a fantastic array of creative ideas with felt from around the globe.

I will be glad when the building work in the shop is completed today and I can feel back to normal. The builder is doing a great job - not a speck of dust anywhere!
I will also be glad when this rain stops. The garden has had enough thank you. I think we deserve some warm sunshine now, don't you?

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