Sunday, 22 April 2012

Poppy pictures

Two layered, embroidered pictures of poppies by Ann Hutchins.
Yesterday was an eventful, sunny day in the shop. Lots of new work came in and lovely Melissa visited  twice and thoroughly inspired me with her talk of workshops, Photoshop and making ideas.

 Looking at all the handmade items often triggers memories. One lady looked at the rag rugs and remembered how, as a child,  she had cut and woven laddered stockings into rugs for the hall. These brown rugs were never washed (no washing machines then) and eventually had to be thrown away.

Other visitors find themselves inspired to go home and make something themselves. Seeing all the cleverly made items under one roof and knowing that local people made them is inspiring. That's what Handmade Happiness is all about.
Tomorrow I'll show you the amazing needle felted owls Michelle Green has just made for the shop. 

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