Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I heart cleaning (not)

Whenever Monday comes around and the shop is closed I think I'll clean the house. Correction I think I ought to clean the house. I'm not sure there is anything in the world I find more boring than cleaning.

When the kids were small I had a good routine. I would clean all I could between 7.30am and 8am and what didn't get done then could wait til the next day. Somehow I kept on top of things even with three children and a job.
Nowadays I  whizz round like a ' white tornado' when someone is coming round (music helps with speed cleaning!) 

 Otherwise it's amazing the number of people I think must have a phone call, the emails that need to be answered, magazines looked through and books read that somehow get in the way of that thorough spring clean! I'd rather make some felt or sort through beads or knitting wool for some project or write. In fact writing about spring cleaning is sooo much nicer than actually doing it!
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Christine said...

Have you discovered the guilty pleasure of Pledge wipes, kitchen wipes and antibacterial bathroom
wipes? Costly and no douibt environmentally non PC but sooooo easy. I was given an assortment for a Christmas Tree gift at Christmes and they have changed my life.and

jenny said...

Good thinking. Thanks for the tip Christine.