Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy March to you!

My necklace on a Lauren Vidal dress. 

Already it's the first of March. The garden is waiting for new seeds to be planted and soon we can eat breakfast outside again!

Yesterday my friend Ann Hutchins who embroiders beautiful pictures, often of fruit or vegetables looked
after the shop for me so I could go to Arundel to say goodbye to Tricot Designs and see Angie, its owner. I went with Wendy, who also worked at Tricot Too and we shared a delicious cream tea at the Bay Tree opposite Tricot.

I like Arundel best in August when you can step inside wonderful houses to view the town's Art. I highly recommend the Arundel Gallery Trail. Unlike other art trails you can walk round the whole of this one. There used to be something like it in Petersfield called 'Paint'. Is anyone reading this interested in joining me to revive 'Paint' this summer or in starting something afresh along the lines of the Arundel Gallery Trail?

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