Sunday, 19 February 2012

Re-cycling - keep it simple!

Envelope and card and handmade poster for Handmade Happiness.

 In this month's Country Living magazine there's a how to make envelopes from wallpaper offcuts feature. (Wallpaper is a good idea for envelopes as it's nice and stiff and will achieve a good finish.) But how many readers will have pieces of unwanted wallpaper lying around waiting to be recycled? Not many.

But the real problem is that the hand made wallpaper envelopes photographed in the magazine cannot be used because there is nowhere to write an address on them, they are covered in bold pattern. So a sticky label or just a piece of white paper cut into a rectangle and glued on should be the last, vital final step! 

In a post I wrote earlier about making your own envelopes I think I say that magazine pages and in particular the covers of Country Living magazine make very fine envelopes!

Yesterday, it being a rainy day and therefore quite quiet in the shop,  I made carrier bags. Actually wallpaper would make excellent handmade carrier bags! But as I didn't have any to hand I used a free M & S catalogue instead. Photo and instructions coming up!

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