Sunday, 5 February 2012

Only in England....

 Once again snow is the major news story this morning with the possibility of flights being cancelled and motorists being stuck on motorways. Er, excuse me for saying but isn't snow just a regular part of winter ie. an annual event?

I think it's time we got used to snow and put in measures to deal with it so that every time the white stuff came it didn't send the country into a panic. We can learn how countries with much deeper snow than ours every year cope with it. Fitting snow chains on car tyres for example? Owning a pair of snow boots for slippery pavements?
By the way, the picture above was taken just over a year ago. With only a light dusting of snow here today it wouldn't make for an interesting enough photo.

Yesterday a very cold American came into the shop. She had just spent three hours standing on a stone floor in her village church 'guarding the bells'.  Apparently there is a rotor of bell guardians because other churches have had bells stolen for scrap metal. Only in England...but you've got to love it! 

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