Monday, 9 January 2012

Love this!

Avoca hot water bottle at John Lewis £35

Yesterday I went to Southampton and had a really good look round John Lewis there. I spotted the gorgeous hot water bottle cover above and had to take a picture of it. So darn pretty but so darn expensive!

In the habadashery department I could only find plain satin or velvet ribbons. When did they cut back? I guess to find something a bit out of the ordinary you have to go to London.
I like the fact that John Lewis has everything under one roof and its design is such that it never feels crowded. I had a lovely day mooching around and buying nothing. I must be a shopkeepers nightmare! I met up with my lovely younger daughter and her boyfriend for a sandwich in pret a manger. I didn't get home til nearly 7pm. It felt like a proper day off which was just what I needed!

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