Sunday, 4 December 2011


I don't understand how women do it. Juggling a full time job with looking after the family and home. There just isn't time to properly look after themselves as well. Things that are good for women like excercising and eating food cooked from scratch - when do they fit in those things? Doctors agree that to live to an active, mentally sharp, old age women must excercise regularly and eat healthily. But the juggling act required to fit in those things makes them hard to achieve.

On a small scale I thought I might make a  big batch of vegetable soup and take it to work in  a thermos each day with, ideally a hunk of homemade bread. Save money, lose weight and eat healthy. Win, win, win. Have I done it? No.

On a large scale - have you seen those programmes about British teenagers experiencing life with the Amish? It is fascinating. The men go off to work. Hard, physical work, farming and making furniture from the trees they cut down, with the occasional barn raising. Meanwhile the women stay at home and spend all day doing housework, cooking and looking after children. The British girls find it hard to accept that this simple life makes them happy. But maybe if there are no choices they are just making the best of the life they are given. No juggling required.

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