Saturday, 10 December 2011

Handmade locally and all under £5 !

In Handmade Happiness now are Kate Hackett's ceramic decorations: robin £2; Xmas pudding small £2-50; large £4-50;
Jenny Stacy child's bracelet £3-50;
Natasha Rothschild's knitted flower hair decoration £5;
Willemien Steven's card £2-50;
Michelle Green's sheep £2-50 and my matchbox free when you buy my Christmas pudding earrings.
In this picture above are a Christine Burgess' twiggy hook complete with rawl plugs and screws for £5;
a ball of 100% wool that can be felted for £4-80; 
Jenny Stacy collage card £3-50;
Heidi Robinson glass pencil brooch £4-00 and my handmade buttons £1 each.
Here are Penny Baker's pretty vintage fabric pack and heart both at £4-50;
my painted face and girl brooch at £3-50 and £5- and some baby buttons for £2-

I thought it would be fun to assemble what you can buy for £5 or under at the Handmade Happiness shop. Lots of people are looking for Christmas bits at the moment as well as main presents. Next I'll do an under £10 selection; then under £30 and  under £50.
Yes, I know the yarn and baby buttons aren't handmade - sorry, I included them in the picture without thinking.
Yesterday was the best day at the shop so far. Thank you customers! ***

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