Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Maison Blanc and Christmas shopping

Pictures taken at Maison Blanc, Guildford.Wouldn't these make wonderful wedding desserts?
Yesterday my daughter manned the shop so that I could go Christmas shopping. I wanted to go to London to photograph Christmas shop windows. I've heard that Harrods looks particularly stunning this year. But time started running out so I went half way - to Guildford.

I like looking for Christmas bits in Guildford because the shops are in a straight line up a particularly steep hill. Spend an afternoon there and you've had a good work out.

My family think stockings are the best thing about Christmas. And as we're all too old for Father Christmas to visit we do stockings for each other. 

 I found some good bits for my mum's stocking in Heal's and l'Occitane. If I could afford it I'd spend in Jo Malone - the smell wafting on to the pavement from that shop is divine! I love Gap - it's worrying that they have a 60% off sale there at the moment. Surely this is the only time of the year when people expect to pay full price? I also found some bits at the Steamer Trading Cook Shop which I may have mentioned before on this blog re: Guzzini colour.

Yes, one of the best bits about Christmas is anticipating peoples' reaction to the gifts you've bought them. Especially if they are nicely wrapped. But more of that later!

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