Friday, 18 November 2011

Window dressing

Tonight is the childrens' Christmas trail. One strange and unexpected thing will be hidden in each shop window. Mine is easy to spot...

I'll finish decorating the window today. Small things to be hung on the white tree and its base covered in knitted gloves and socks; some real greenery somewhere would be nice; fairy lights and garlands.

Tonight is late night opening - until around 8pm. The how to keep mulled wine warm question has been resolved, I think, with a couple of giant thermoses. I feel quite excited!
By the way my neighbours - Tara Interior Design and Wild Damson have done beautiful Christmas windows. Definetely worth a look. Wild Damson has even had lots of outside lights specially installed. Pictures later!

1 comment:

Fibre frenzi said...

Your shop window looks stunning! Have a great day - shall be thinking of you tonight (wish I was there...)