Thursday, 17 November 2011

What's inside these Christmas boxes?

Today I must do the Christmas Window. Shopkeepers take this very seriously.

Because Christmas is the important money-making time of the year and money taken at Christmas has to support us through the mean, lean times of January and February, the Christmas window must attract shoppers in to your shop to spend their money with you. And it's not just about spending money on Christmas presents.

 I found while working at Tricot Too that Christmas provides many women with the excuse to treat themselves in a way they wouldn't do the rest of the year. Yes, they may say the scarf they love is for their sister-in-law but they know and you know that they'll find something else for sister-in-law nearer the Day!

And as well as buying presents there are cards to buy, and decorations for home and tree. But no-one wants to focus on any of this too early. That's why my Christmas window (and I'm hoping it doesn't look like a dog's dinner but I can't be sure until it's done!)is waiting for tomorrow, the start of Petersfield Christmas Festivities, when the town's Christmas lights are switched on by the Mayor.

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Anonymous said...

These boxes look gorgeous! Sophie xxx