Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Shop of one's Own

When I lived in Paris I used to visit a wonderful habadashery shop called La Drougerie on rue du Jour. I dreamed of one day having a shop like it myself. It had large glass sweet jars of beads and velvet flowers; padded boards of buttons; shelves of wools and reels of ribbon and examples of what you could make dotted about.

Yesterday I felt quite mad with excitement having found what could be a suitable shop for my habadashery plus makes. My little creative hub in Petersfield. With ideas buzzing I went straight to the bank.

The business advisor at Barclays talked shop insurance; Health and Safety; accountants, solicitors, contracts until I felt the sea of potential debt closing in over my head. Leaving there I felt quite low.And I thought the goverment wanted to encourage enterprise and new businesses.
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Anonymous said...

it's such a lovely idea. Perhaps you should just forge ahead with it despite the hurdles of banks, loans etc.etc.
Much love Hazel.

jenny said...

I am happy to get your comment Hazel. Thank you.
Most people warn against.With lovex

Wanda said...

Go for it!!! You're always talking about it and your years of built up enthusiasm will ensure you have success in this exciting venture. Like you say, life's to short not to give it a go.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think you should do it! It is so exciting and you only live once! Carpe Diem! Sophie xxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm right behind you Jenny - or should I say alongside you!

jenny said...

Thanks Mandy! It will be fun and inspiring to be next to one of the best shops in Petersfield - Wild Damson!