Friday, 15 April 2011

Good things to make with

Save the Children's annual 3 day sale in Petersfield yielded all these treasures!
It's on til Saturday at the Festival Hall if  you want to  visit. One room for clothes the other for household, all brought in to be sold by the public. They get half, the charity gets half. Excellent opportunity to buy and sell. Btw remind me to show you what I make with these!

Top picture left to right:
lace tatting £1; crochet lace flower mat £1 and 6 assorted embroidered pieces £4. On the right a Liberty fabric shirt £5 and 5 waiter's cloths in fine Irish linen for £5

Bottom picture left to right:
A pair of faded velvet floral curtains £10; two for £3 silver plated bowls (v. Ralph Lauren I think!) a wide blue mohair scarf £4 and the rest as above.

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