Friday, 1 October 2010

A tasteful gorgeous Christmas

Pictured are Martha's stockings from an old issue of Living magazine.
I'm trying to figure what people want from Handmade Christmas workshops... thought I'd list what I love about Christmas. Add to the list reader - click on anon to make sending comments easy peasy!
Christmas joys
Being happy to send cards that you've made yourself* and are really proud of.
Cards plopping through the letter box.
Unwrapping those favourite old tree decorations* you haven't seen for a year.
Christmas magazines, especially those from the States.
The heavy, soft weight of a stocking* across your feet.
Receiving a beautifully wrapped* present - it doesn't matter what's inside!
Giving personal presents to those you love that you have made yourself!*
Enjoying sitting and chatting with your nearest and dearest in a nicely decorated* room you feel looks at its absolute best!

*All covered in Jenny's Handmade Christmas workshops starting Wednesday October 13th!
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