Monday, 25 January 2010

The Detached Chain Band

On Friday I met up with 14 women who wanted to make buttons. They originally got together at Northbrook College where they were taught by Kay Ball. They continue making and learning once a fortnight and they gave me a warm welcome.
It has been a while since I gave a workshop I have to admit so I wasn't very confident. However these lovely ladies put me at ease and after step by step instructions and demonstration everyone went home with buttons - and in some cases beads and a pendant as well!
Their leader, Jan Rylatt, saw an article about me in etc magazine and members particularly wanted to know about my textile bracelets. These are made up of crocheted and knitted beads and some of my painted beads. Now I would guess that everyone there is a better knitter than I am and soon 'bobble' beads were piling up and someone suggested that at the next meeting everyone wears a knitted bead necklace they made themselves. So send me a photo please and I'll publish it here!

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