Friday, 24 October 2008

Christmas stockings

Yesterday I at last got started on the Christmas stockings.
I dyed white blanket red. What I want to achieve is a bright, scarlet red. But blanket always comes up this pretty, strawberries and cream red.
Usually I use Dylon in the kitchen sink but this year I tried Procion dyes and did all the dyeing in a bucket. The colour results are good, really even.
So I've cut out 9 stockings, machined five of them and started embroidering one. My stockings have a tree up the middle with little mop buttons and novelty buttons and charms as decorations with a fairy I've made on the top. I love them but they do take a long time to make. That is why I should have started on them months ago.

This year I am attempting to travel by train to the Country Living show - with all my stock, props, furniture etc. It takes a bit of planning. At Origin I noticed a jeweller had just used thick felt mats nailed to the wall to display her stuff. This is a good idea - lightweight and easy to carry - but where can I find thick felt mats?

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